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For over 20 years we have been involved in the medical field specializing in cardiac arrhythmia's and electrophysiology. During that time we have had many conversations with medical personnel regarding current medical practices and how the U.S. differs from the rest of the world.  One of these conversations occurred with a physician from India. Although he is a board certified Cardiologist in the U.S., he began talking about the power of herbal supplements used in India and China and that these supplements appeared to be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease without the side effects and cost of many prescription drugs. He thought that the use of prescription drugs was excessive in America and not enough alternatives were being offered to patients.  Having a family history of heart disease I was very intrigued in this alternative option. Our discussion progressed to include the potential impact that herbal supplements can have on other areas of human health such as memory, stress, fatigue and the overall aging process.

We left that conversation very excited and wanting to know more. A research team was assembled to explore the potential benefits that natural herbal supplements might provide to your overall health and what was currently available to consumers. This eventually led to the development of new products specifically designed for cardiovascular health, mental health and nutrition. We now have three products approved and available:  Healthy Heart Cardiovascular Supplement®Healthy Mind Mental Focus and Memory Supplement®  and  Healthy Fruits and Veggies Dietary Supplement®.

I have been plagued with high cholesterol my whole life. My typical total cholesterol has ranged from 235-325 (while taking a statin and fish oil).  My most recent bloodwork since taking Healthy Heart showed a total cholesterol of 195 with LDL, HDL and Triglycerides all normal for the first time in my adult life. This was truly astounding to me.

I’ve noticed over the years that as the day goes on I become mentally fatigued and my memory and focus are not as sharp as I feel they once were. I believe this is typical for the baby boom generation.  Everyday stress is also a key component to our overall health and specific to memory loss. Our Healthy Mind supplement is the ideal product for today’s busy lifestyles.  Since taking Healthy Mind, I definitely feel more focused and alert. These results were immediate. We have had many people trialing this product and these positive results seem to be unanimous regardless of age.

The Healthy Fruits and Veggies product was developed due to my poor eating habits. My usual diet contains very few fruits or vegetables.  What our research showed was that I am not alone. Only 13% of all Americans actually consume the USDA recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables. A proper diet can help improve sleep cycles, energy, weight management and the immune system.

All three products were designed as a result of our own health challenges and for those struggling with similar challenges. We are the manufacturer of these products, not a distributor, and therefore have the ability to ensure that all ingredients are of the highest quality and purity.  We are so confident about the quality and effectiveness of our products that we offer a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

If you know of someone who is proactively seeking to be health conscious feel free to pass on the information contained in this website.



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